Cover and protect your books in just 30 seconds

Using the patented CoLibri Cover System, you can quickly and easily apply a transparent, custom-fit, durable and protective covering to almost any book in less than 30 seconds.

It’s the world’s first instant book covering system that is available to any school, library or bookshop at an affordable price.


The system consists of a simple desktop machine and polyethylene covers. Manufactured to the highest standards, it is elegant, compact and portable. The work area is hinged for easy storage and transportation. This carefully designed system is the simplest and most practical book covering system available.

No glues or adhesives are used, ensuring that your original book and its cover is not altered or damaged in any way. The system is designed to cover almost any size and shape of book whether soft or hard backed.


Easy to use

Cover books in 30 seconds

Strong custom-fit jackets


Leonardo CoLibriLeonardo CoLibri


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